Chip8 'n' Dale

An adventure in writing an emulator in .NET Core.

A talk given at DeveloperUG in Cape Town on 24/06/2019 on emulators and writing a CHIP8 emulator in .NET Core

Unfortunately this talk was not recorded, however the slides are available here

The emulator code will soon be available on Github and I’ll publish a more detailed writeup on the emulator when that code becomes available. (Want to sort out the last few bugs and remove some debug code.)

As mentioned in the talk the majority of the emulator was written based on the information in the CHIP8 - Wikipedia Page.

Octo - CHIP8 IDE is a great resource for decompiling CHIP8 games and taking a look at what they’re doing in something that is far easier to understand than a hexdump.

CHIP8 - Wikipedia Page
Telmac 1800
Accuracy takes power: one man’s 3GHz quest to build a perfect SNES emulator
Octo - CHIP8 IDE

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