Ducking Duck - Rubber Duck 2.0 - DevConf 2024

Building an AI powered rubber duck

I’ll be speaking at DevConf (Johannesburg and Cape Town) - 7 May 2024, 9 May 2024

Original Abstract

Come with me on a journey as I attempt to totally revolutionise rubber ducking and build the ultimate rubber ducking companion.

Using all of the latest buzz-word compliant AI technology including voice recognition, large language models, machine vision and robotics I attempt to build the ultimate debugging companion.

This isn’t just a frontend to ChatGPT this is a bespoke, offline, secure debugging companion that will revolutionise your debugging and also become your friend.

The talk covers the dead-ends, the ups and downs as I try build something a little smarter than your Alexa/Siri and a little cuter than your typical rubber duck.

Whether you’re interested in AI, Robotics, Rubber Ducks or just the struggles of integration hell there will be something in this talk for everyone.

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